Voxoa S70


The S70 was designed for the next generation of DJ, with an integrated USB player and full dj mixer. The S70 integrates Digital and Analogue, with full midi control functions and built-in multi-channel audio interface (sound card).

Basic setup is quick and easy - simply prepare your music on a USB drive with the free TuneBox database software, plug in, and start playing!

But that’s just the beginning of the possibilities. The stand-alone-mixer allows you to connect any external audio device, such as CD players and Turntables, as well as connect to professional amplifiers and speaker equipment. And if you prefer to DJ with the latest software technology, you can utilize the internal sound card and fully midi Mapp-able controls. The S60 can even be configured to work with DVS software such as Virtual DJ Pro.

The high resolution jog wheels and wide array of control options mean you will be the master of the mix. Four sound effects are available on each channel, as well as hot cues, sampler and three turntable wheel modes. With the new Slip mode, and beat sync functions its never been easier to truly customize your own sound.



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