Voxoa C60

C60 DJ Midi controller, Audio Interface, Audio Mixer

The VOXOA C60 Digital Mixer and MIDI Controller – one of the first controllers on the market with an optional two channel standalone digital DJ mixer design. With a single switch the entire mixer section can turn from a full midi interface to a serious analogue style conventional mixer. The extensive MIDI/HID interface gives you full control of most major DJ software such as Traktor and VDJ, plus any other programs that offer custom midi mapping.

The DVS stereo 2in, 2out audio interface offers high quality reproduction of your music. Converting analogue signals to the digital realm has never been easier. Mix with digital and analogue devices side by side and switch across different equipment with ease.

The Good: Pro grade construction. Good responsive jog wheels with adjustable touch sensitivity. Rubberized EQ knobs with 'push to kill' feature. Ready to go Traktor and Virtual DJ mapping. Scratch DVS mode. Very reasonable price.
The Bad: Only ships with Virtual DJ LE
The Bottom Line: This feature-rich controller packs a lot of very well-made components into a small, but not overly-cramped layout. It has good sound quality and useful features not found on more expensive controllers. The stand-alone-mixer mode makes this one of the most versatile pieces of gear ever made for the DJ market. Whether you're a controllerist or a DVS Vinyl jock this unit delivers it all.



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