M70 Hybrid Battle Mixer, MIDI Control & Audio Interface

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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The M70 is a high performance digital mixer aimed at the digital scratch DJ market. Designed from the ground up with features that truly put the power of expression in your hands. The advanced crossfader and channel fader settings allow you to perform techniques and customizations often not possible on other equipment. The high level of MIDI interface controls make it easy to integrate the M70 into even the most complex DVS digital DJ set-ups. The intuitive design and well presented layout make your live performance a breeze. You can finally control everything from a single device with very little need for additional external MIDI devices. On top of all this the internal audio interface offers high quality analogue-to-digital conversion, and high quality professional level audio output allowing full integration with many great DJ software applications.


DJing Software Controller

The extensive MIDI controls offer a wide range of customizable possibilities when it comes to getting the most out of your favorite software. Midi maps are available ready to go for Serato, Traktor and Virtual DJ. Virtually any program that allows Midi mapping can be controlled directly from the M70 controls. 8 Hot cues each channel, Transport controls, FX controls, Looping, video effects, filter, 4 deck switching, Sampler and browsing... all at your fingertips. You can now set the laptop off to one side because there is hardly ever a need to touch your keyboard during a performance. 


High-Quality Sound and Build-in 2In/2Out Sound Card

The M70 features an internal 2 In/2 Out (stereo) USB sound card that enables direct connection to a computer with a single USB cable. A high-quality 24bit digital/analog converter from Texas Instruments ensures high-quality sound from your turntables or CD players, and clean clear audio from your computers software applications. The intuitive design makes it easy to switch from digital audio to analog sources without losing a beat, making this a great choice for those who still take pride in dropping some real vinyl tracks into their mix.

The master out has the option of balanced and unbalanced output, and of course separate unbalanced booth output.


Build-in Filter Effect for Each Channel

The M70 is equipped with Filter effect for each channel. Well-positioned at the bottom of the EQ strips the High pass, or low pass filter effect is always available. This effect is part of the analog style design of the system but also doubles as a handy midi control when the mixer is set to full Midi mode.


High Performance Crossfader

The crossfader plays a dramatic role for scratch DJs. The M70 is equipped with high performance options from the front panel to help you take the mix to the next level. Full crossfader curve control and reverse switch is easily accessible on the fly, as well as the ability to alter the curve and reverse of both the channel faders. An led display always shows the current mode of each fader. Also the standard factory crossfader can be replaced by well known top fader brands such as Innofader, and ProXfader.

lever travel 45 mm
operation force 40gf+_30gf
total resistance 50Kohm
power rating 0.25W
rated voltage AC
350V ,DC 20V


Bundled with VirtualDJ LE

The M70 currently ships with VirtualDJ LE, and included is MIDI mapping for Traktor and Serato Scratch Live. Mapping files are constantly being improved, and users are encouraged to share their creations on our website community forums.


DVS Direct Mode
The M70 has DVS audio system built in, allowing use with a range of DJ products that employ Vinyl or CD Timecode to control software, and in many cases, there is no need for any additional external audio soundcard.




Integrated 16bit /48kHz USB Audio Interface (Soundcard) with 2in/2out (stereo)
High quality DA Converters providing superb sound quality
Included low latency ASIO driver
DVS Direct Mode (CD or Vinyl) for DJ software using timecode signal
MIDI controller compatible with various DJing software
Fully MIDI control function for File Browsing, Transportation, Hot Cues, Samples, Loop control , Effects control, Pitch control and special function (Loop recorder or Video transition)
Under Full MIDI mode can switch to control 4 decks
A great diversity of Inputs – Simultaneously play a combination of digital and analog sources
Independent 3-Band Equalizer with fully kill function (-infinity dB to +10dB)
Manual Filter adjustable from LPF – HPF for each channel
Replaceable 45mm long life crossfader
Adjustable crossfader curve for different DJing style
Reversible crossfader and channel fader
Channel fader with independent adjustable curve and reverse switch
Fader Start play for 
cross fader and compatible with CD players
Dual 10 LED monitor display for master meters
Independent PFL meter for each channel
Mic input with auto talk over function and tone control
Headphone monitor can be switched to cue or master
2 AUX inputs (3.5 mm and RCA) 


2 Line/Phono Inputs
2 CD Inputs
2 AUX Inputs (3.5mm jack and RCA jack)
2 Fader Start connections
1 Mic input
1 USB MIDI jack

1 XLR Balanced Master output
2 Unbalanced RCA Master outputs (Master Out and Booth Out)
2 Headphones monitor (3.5mm & 6.3 mm)