C60 Hybrid MIDI Control, Audio Mixer, DVS Audio Interface

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Mixer section:

Replaceable crossfader with adjustable crossfader curve

2 channel strips, each with 60mm volume faders, LED level meters

3-band EQ with center detent push encoders (push=EQ band kill)

Mid and Low EQ encoders switch to Key and Filter knobs using Shift

Master section: master output knob, browsing encoder with 2 deck load buttons

Second push-button encoder and Sampler Volume knob that act differently according to the software and mapping used


Deck section Left & Right:

  • Touch-sensitive, jog wheels with adjustable sensitivity and a Scratch button for toggling the top of the wheels from scratching to pitch bending

  • High-resolution pitch faders with Key Lock button and Pitch Bend buttons (Pitch Range with Shift)

  • FX section with knobs and buttons for 3 effects, plus an endless rotary push-button encoder

  • Looping section with a push-button encoder and 6 buttons for loop length, loop in/out, loop on, and loop delete

  • Sampler section with 4 sample trigger buttons

  • Deck Select button (for decks A/C or decks B/D)

  • Sync button (Reverse with Shift)

  • Transport section with 3 rubberized buttons for playback and track temp

  • Inputs: Line/Phone x 2 (RCA), MIC x2 (6.3mm), Aux x1, USB type B x 1

  • Outputs: Master x 2 (balanced and RCA), headphone x 2 (3.5mm and 6.3mm)

  • Built-in 4X4 sound card

  • Easily replaceable crossfader with curve adjust knob

  • Three-band EQ with Full output kill function for each channel

  • MP3 player and tablet pad friendly Aux input

  • MIC input with level control

  • Headphone output with level control and cue mixing

  • Dual headphone jack 6.3mm and 3.5mm

  • Dual 10 LED monitor display

  • DVS direct mode for timecode DJing software

  • Bundled with VirtualDJ LE

  • Bundled with low latency ASIO driver

  • Bundled with Traktor 2 mappings

  • Intuitive layout design and 4 Decks control

  • Touch-sensitive jog wheels

  • Jog wheels sensor adjust knobs for each wheel

  • Durable large-size Cue, PLAY and Cue Play buttons

  • Dual function crossfader for VirtualDJ (Audio/Video Crossfader)

  • Dual FX units control with 4 knobs and 4 buttons for each unit

  • Independent 8 sample buttons for sample deck or sample bank

  • SHIFT key in two sides for various dual-button operations

  • Function setting software and firmware updatable

  • 108 control elements included 76 buttons, 19 knobs, 6 encoders, 5 faders and 2 jog wheels

  • Perfectly control the newest DJing software functions including loop recorder and sample deck

  • Control Video transition and video effect for video DJing software




  • The Good: Pro grade construction. Good responsive jog wheels with adjustable touch sensitivity. Rubberized EQ knobs with 'push to kill' feature. Ready to go Traktor and Virtual DJ mapping. Great price.

  • The Bad: No stand-alone Mixer mode (unlike the C60 model). No booth outputs. No tone control on Mic. No full-version software included (Virtual DJ LE only).

  • The Bottom Line: While it was primarily designed for Virtual DJ, don't be dissuaded if you are a user of other popular programs such as Traktor. This feature-rich controller packs a lot of very well-made components into a small, but not overly-cramped layout. It has decent sound quality and useful features not found on more expensive controllers.